AIDLighting III LED High Mast Sports Light Modular Floodlight Wholesale

  • Modular design: easy to assemble and disassemble, facilitate customer inventory, and fast delivery to project.
  • Rotatable module: each module can be rotated by ± 30°.
  • Each module with 250 watts, up to 5 modules can be combined into 1250 watts.
  • Optical lighting distribution: symmetrical: 10°,25°,45°,60°,90°,asymmetrical: 130°*30°*60°,65°*60°*25°.
  • Remote control gear: separate the driver and fixture with stainless steel conduit and die-casted driver box to further reduce the pole load and easy for maintenance.
  • Integrated breather valve: balances the internal and external pressure, humidity, and temperature.