AIDLighting V LED High Mast Sports Light Modular light Wholesale

  • Die Casting Heat Sink: concise appearance, excellent thermal management & compact.
  • High mechanical strength IK08 ,Symmetrical 30°/45°/60°/90°, Asymmetrical140°*80°/120°*40°*60°.
  • 4mm high strength tempered glass, further reduces the UV and anti-rust, typically designed for coastal areas.
  • 10° steps, allows for 270° installation adjustment.
  • High Brightness 3030 and 5050 Chip Option: Up To 180LM/W.
  • High-strength cold-rolled plate design with integral flanging and bending, lightweight, high mechanical strength. Special Corrosion Treatment: to reach the WF2 standard and suitable for harsh environments.