AIDLighting VIII LED High Mast Sports Light Floodlight Wholesale

  • Adopt modular design concept based on 250-300W per module and a maximum of 1500W with five modules. Racked angle allows the light fixture can be adjusted to flexibly control the light, equipped with a laser aimer for precise aiming at the field.
  • Glare control is an important criterion in contemporary stadium lighting design. Excellent glare control not only allows contestants to play at a high level but also facilitates the shooting of the camera and enhances the visual experience of the on-site audience. AIDLighting VIII, equipped with a conventional visor and uniquely designed optical lens achieves a glare-free feeling.
  • Designed asymmetrical optical lens, which the light projection will focus on the sports ground without spilling light to residential homes or surrounding areas.
  • Multi-ways for high anti-corrosion treatment to meet 1000/2000/3000H neutral salt spray by AkzoNobel powder coating, electrophoresis, triple powder coating, etc.
  • Optical lighting distribution: symmetrical: 10°,25°,45°,60°,90°,asymmetrical: 65°*25°.